It’s ok to ship your shitty code (kind of)

8 Jul

Jared Sinclair talks about writing / shipping “shitty code” to keep moving forward.

a fun app has nothing to do with clean code.

I think he’s absolutely right. There’s a time to learn and then there’s a time to ship. Decide which you want to do. It’s likely you’ll also learn quite a bit while shipping your crap code too, which can be applied to your next project.

One word of caution though. While your writing your crap code, you probably want to keep in the back of your mind how you might refactor it later. Don’t worry so much about fixing it now, like Jared said leave a FIXME: comment and move on. Just don’t code yourself into a corner either. The best code isn’t prefect the first time, it’s easily refactorable.