Moving to WordPress

10 Jun

I moved ShiftyBit over to GitHub pages last fall. While it’s nice, it had one major shortcoming for me. I didn’t have an easy method to make a post.

My method usually involved writing a post in markdown, previewing it, committing it in git and then pushing it out to GitHub. Worst of all, I had no way to post from my iPhone or iPad. When I’m at my laptop I’m usually working so I don’t think about posting then. I usually think about things I want to post while waiting around town or laying in bed before I go to sleep.

What I really wanted was a simple way to post whenever I wanted to, from wherever I wanted. Hence, I’ve moved Shifty Bit to my own server running WordPress. So hopefully, with this lower barrier, I’ll be posting a lot more here. Like say, at least once a month ;)

::fingers crossed::