Chip8 Emulator

20 Jun

Today I open sourced my CHIP-8 emulator. This also happens to be my first open source project.

It’s for the Mac, but the CHIP-8 emulator core is written in plain C, so it should be easily portable to other platforms.

Emulators in and of themselves are not a huge interest of mine. But having a better understanding how a PC works is. I have an electronics background and I’ve always been fascinated with the use of gates and timers, registers and ROM, so on and so forth. I’m interested in learning more about how stuff like interrupts and buses work.

Someday I’ll get around to building my own computer. I don’t mean in the sense of buying a CPU, a motherboard, etc, and plugging them together. I mean sitting down and soldering integrated circuits together. My dream would be to build something like an Apple I. But for now I’ll just dabble in emulating PCs in my spare time so I can learn more.