27 Oct

Over the past week or two I’ve found myself thinking about blogging but not actually taking the time to write anything. It’s not that I don’t care, but that I don’t care enough to get it through the blogjam of a system I currently have. If I want to post anything I currently have to do so from my Mac.

The process goes something like this:

  1. Copy an old post
  2. Edit the post (usually in TextMate)
  3. Check my use of markdown (I’m still a novice when it comes to markdown syntax, but I do like it)
  4. Save and Commit
  5. Ask myself why I don’t have a better solution

It’s not that this is really bad, but it takes time, thought and care. I have to be at my Mac for one thing. That’s a huge barrier considering most of the time I think about writing is when I’m away from my Mac. When I’m at my Mac I’d rather be programming. I’ve tried a few GitHub iPhone apps but most either are broken (won’t sync correctly) or lack simple text editing features. What I really want is a simple markdown editor with spell checking that will sync with GitHub and that has Mac, iPad, and iPhone versions. If I find that great, but I’m increasingly starting to think I might have to build it myself.